Questions about Network Registration

What is Network Registration?

Network Registration is a PennNet Network service that produces an association between you and the computer you register. This database is subsequently used to assign your computer an Internet address (also known as an IP address) associating you with the address you're assigned.

What is the purpose of Network Registration?

ResNet and GreekNet provide high speed access to PennNet and the Internet. If any one of these computers is improperly configured, malfunctioning, or compromised by a virus, worm, or other malicious intrusion, it can affect the performance of PennNet and the availability of network resources overall. Without Network Registration, a malfunctioning computer can only be immediately identified by its Internet address. Using this address to determine who to contact delays Penn's ability to respond to security incidents, and risks broad network disruption. Network Registration's association of PennKey names to network addresses, we can determine who to contact in response to a problem more quickly and efficiently.

Does Network Registration reconfigure, install software, or place information on my computer?

No. Network registration simply logs the following information when you connect to PennNet: the IP address and MAC (Media Access Control) address of your network card; the browser version, platform, and operating system; your PennKey and the date and time you authenticate. Network registration does not detect personal data files on your computer. The information in our logs is retained for a period of between sixty and ninety days. Be assured that all use of these logs is governed by University Policy on Privacy in the Electronic Environment: