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ISC Network Registration

Welcome to ISC Network Registration. Computer registration allows you to obtain a network address on the University network.

Register Your Computer

Please enter your PennKey and password.


By clicking "Accept" you signify that you have read and will abide by the terms of the University Acceptable Network Usage Policy. You must accept this policy to use the network.

Register Other Devices

Other devices that require network connectivity, including wireless access points, hubs, switches, game consoles, and PDAs must also be registered in order to use the network.

Register a device

Why Must I Register My Computer?

Network Registration is critical for us to protect the security of your computer and the PennNet network. Registration simply creates a record in the NetReg database with your network address and PennKey name, and then logs subsequent network connections. For all of our protection, network registration allows Information Systems and Computing to quickly locate and contact computer owners when, for example, their computers may have become hacked or compromised by computer viruses and worms. If you have additional concerns related to network registration, please see our Netreg FAQ.

If you experience any problems registering your computer , please contact your ITA (, or contact your Local Support Provider.


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